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About Us


Session times

Monday to Friday  during term time 9.15am – 12.15pm

Our school year is a maximum of 38 weeks.


Sessions cost £20 each, paid half-termly in advance.

Children are eligible for the Nursery Education Fund from the beginning of the term after their 3rd birthday.  Some 2-year olds are eligible for funding, please ask the Leader for details.

No fees are refundable in the case of absence, including sickness and holidays.



As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (which continues into the reception class at school), we follow the 7 Areas of Learning, which are: -          


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication and Language

  • Physical Development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the World

  • Expressive Arts & Design


We observe how the children are progressing within these areas and set them

‘next steps’.  A member of staff is allocated to each child (keyperson).


We use a variety of topics to cover the 7 areas. 

Every term we inform parents of the topic that will be covered each week,

so that if the children want to bring something from home for 'Show and Tell'

they are welcome to do so.

All the time the children are ‘learning through play’.

The children enjoy forest play sessions for the term before they start primary school. This is onsite and aids critical thinking, imagination and they learn to manage risks in a safe environment.


Periods of absence up to 3 weeks in any one term are allowed, but parents

must understand that their child will not be eligible for funding when their

child is absent from pre-school for more than 3 weeks in any one term and

that absence for more than 3 weeks in any one term will result in the parent having to pay to retain the child’s place.

Notice period

Please note that if your child is not funded you must give 6 weeks notice prior to their child leaving the pre-school and fees must be paid to the end of the notice period.

Waiting list and admissions

Children’s names may be placed on the waiting list and if we are able to offer a place you will be notified by email.

Most children who are offered a place start at St Mary’s Pre-School around their third birthday and can have up to 5 sessions a week. Sessions are subject to availability and if we are oversubscribed we take siblings and proximity into account when offering places.  Please note that, as most of the children leave pre-school in July to go to primary schools, the majority of new children start in the autumn term.

If you wish to add your child’s name to the waiting list please complete a registration form. 

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