This week at Pre School


This week at pre-school we have made:
  • Paper plate Pumpkins
  • Autumn leaf suncatchers
  • Leaf rubbings
  • Marble painted leaves
We have played in our pre-school Autumn den, fruit and vegetable shop, fishing camp and Café.
We have explored and played with kinetic sand, a cereal farm, rubber with dinosaurs and insects. 
We have played with the windmill, trains, toot toot, farm and puppets. 
We have danced with the bungee, played with the parachute, completed a circuit and ended our half term with a game of musical chairs.  
On Monday we went for an Autumn walk, thank you to all parents who came with us.
On Wednesday the pre-school photographer came in, the photos will be ready after half term for you to order.
On Friday we said goodbye to Erin and wish her well in her new job.
Outside, we have played on trikes and scooters, practised our balancing skills, played football and basketball and caught bubbles.
Pre- school is now closed for half term. We re-open on Monday 1st November. We will be learning and talking about fireworks and the night sky.