This week at Pre School


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This week at pre-school we have made:
  • Cutting and sticking Christmas pictures
  • Christmas crafts 
We have played in our pre-school Santa's Grotto, Santa's Office and in Gingerbread houses.
We have explored and played with magic snow, Christmas pasta and Christmas rice.
We have played musical chairs, statues and bumps and danced to cd songs.
On Thursday we had our Christmas Party and enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas.
On Friday we went into Church for a Christmas Nativity puppet show and watched some Paw Patrol Christmas fun.
Outside, we have played on trikes and scooters, practised our balancing skills, played football and basketball and caught bubbles.
Thank you very much for our Christmas gifts, we really appreciate it and we wish you all a Happy Christmas.
We return on Tuesday 4th January, our topic will be Winter.
Please encourage your child to bring in a topic related item for show and tell but nothing breakable please.
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