This week at Pre School

Our Creepy crawlies topic

This week at pre-school we have made:-
  • snails
  • spider webs
  • Bees
  • 3D insects
  • Valentine Cards
We have played in our pre-school construction site, Supermarket, Laundry and tepee camp site.
On Monday a company called ZooLab came in with some insects for the children to hold and learn about. On Friday we celebrated Valentine's Day.
We have played with green spaghetti and bugs, soil with insects, insects frozen in ice, we took part in team games where we moved like different insects and played musical chairs.
In French this week we learn't about mini beasts and listened to a story about a ladybird.
Next week is half term, we return on Monday 24th February when we will be talking and learning about jungle and wild animals.