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This week at Pre School

Growing plants

This week at pre-school we have:
  • all planted sunflower seeds
  • painted flowers pictures
  • printed with fruit and vegetables
We have explored and played in our green grocers, cafe, garden centre and nursery.  
We have explored with chick peas, soil with worms, a cereal farm and pasta threading. 
On Monday we made play dough. On Friday we had SportyStars and played with quoits, footballs and cones.
We have 5 Caterpillars at pre-school that we are watching grow and learning about.
Our star of the week this week is Kasper.
At the snack bar we have eaten some delicious fruit and had milk or water to drink.
Next week we  will be talking and learning about My Family. Please encourage your child to bring in a topic related item for show and tell but nothing breakable please.
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