Pre-School Bubbles

This week at pre-school we have :-
  • played with hoops, balls, bubbles, tennis and catch cups on the grass
  • built models using duplo, polydron, jumbo magnets, mobilo and knex
  • we made fork painted chicks
  • played outside with water and on stepping stones, trikes and scooters
  • played hide and seek in forest play
  • played with animals, gears, puzzles, duplo and games
  • dug for treasure and dinosaur bones in the woods and found some
  • on Friday we said goodbye to our leavers. We played bingo, musical chairs, danced to cd songs, had a picnic and went for a Gruffalo hunt in the woods.
Pre-School returns on Thursday 3rd September.
We wish you all a relaxing, fun and safe summer break.

St Mary's Leavers 2020