This week at Pre School

Our Pets topic

This week at pre-school we have made:-
  • Goldfish bowls
  • Cat masks
  • water colour paintings
  • Finger paintings
We have played in our pre-school vets clinic, pet shop, laundry and tepee fishing camp.
We have played with Paw Patrol toys, games and puzzles, kinetic sand and magnetic polydron.
We have had visits from Chloe a Cavapoo, Livingstone a Tortoise, Charlie a rabbit and Gunner a German Shepherd.
On Friday we raised money for Sports Relief by face and nail painting and decorating cakes. Thank you for your generous support. We raised £96.80.
In French this week we learn't the names for some pets and  talked about where they live.
Next week we will be talking and learning about  Countries around the World.